WIP Roundup

The end of the year is fast approaching, so I thought it best to get my butt moving on finishing off some projects that have been gathering dust lest they become crushed into sedimentary layers from the weight of what my husband calls ‘Hawk Mountain’.  Whatever, I know every house has a pile of clothes that is close to collapse.  To the untrained eye they look like safety hazards, but survivors know how to successfully mine them for that shirt that they needs to wear to work.

My pile of WIPs and/or improvements looks like this:




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13 Days of Halloween Project Wrap Up

Holy frack, I made it!!  I didn’t really think this whole project through when I decided to give it a go.  My brain was too high on purchasing some adorable Halloween prints to think through the fact that I would need to make thirteen FIFTEEN! outfits.  But y’all, I did it.  Let’s recap, shall we?



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All Hallow’s Eve!

Happy Halloween, y’all!  Samhain has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  People dress up as either an extension of themselves or something that they admire, you get to meet new neighbors and their kiddos, and it’s completely acceptable to hand out candy and treats to kids.  That’s a big deal in today’s society and I am grateful that Halloween gives us the opportunity to connect with the people around us, even if in a temporary, light-hearted way.  So what better way to celebrate this magical day than dressing up as a Hogwarts student??




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