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Upping Your Cosplay Game with Fashion Week – Summer 2018

Cosplayer friends, if you’re looking at this title and scoffing, I completely understand.  I’ve maintained for so long that fashion runways are for bougy snobs tripping on acid, but I’ve recently come to appreciate some aspects of haute couture, high-end wear.  And let me tell you, getting a peek at the artisans behind the scenes that hand sew together some of these pieces that make you go ‘WTF?!’ has opened my eyes to the endless cosplay inspiration!!  From fabrics to draping techniques, to textures achieved through embellishments and fabric manipulation, the possibilities for taking your costumes to the next level are here in excess! Still don’t believe me?  Hang in there!  Here are some runways pieces that made my nerd self squeal in excitement!

That hat on the first model has Mismagius written all over it.  The way the fabric flows is absolutely ethereal and deliciously ghostly!  In fact, this collection is clearly ghost-inspired.250px-429Mismagius


Here’s a set of photos from Nielsen’s spring summer 2018 fashion show:

Tangela114Tangela_AG_anime        Your first glance might make you think English sheepdog jonesing for a clipping, but keep an eye open for technical skills and details.  The texture achieved with this textile weaving could be taken a step further with longer free ends being looped back into the body instead hanging for a Tangela or Tangrowth cosplay.

Hyun Mi Nielsen show, Runway, Spring Summer 2018, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 25 Jan 2018 250px-303MawileOoooo, look at the billows on this cape dress!  It looks like a parachute, OR it COULD be the jumping off point for creating a realistic tail for Mawile!  (Did you think we would be branching out on the geeky representation tree today?  OH YOU.  <3)  The hair plastered in gravity-defying hair gel is a nice touch – and something that Mawile also needs to complete the look!

Hyun Mi Nielsen show, Runway, Spring Summer 2018, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 25 Jan 2018jellicent.jpg        Oh hello, beautifully camouflaged Jellicent!!  That sheer, drapey fabric has ghostly jellyfish written all over it!  The ankle bling is a nice touch for a ghost Pokemon cosplay, too.

Here are some other pieces that grabbed me from various spring/summer 2018 shows:

1020 (1)250px-144Articuno    This piece by Nina Ricci has great texturing reminiscent of feathers in the crochet pattern on the cardigan.  The long tassles look like a chic tail that could belong to Articuno.  The color scheme, necklace, and rhinestones gives it a glacial, frosty feel.

405OricorioJacquemus’s color blocking here was clearly inspired by the ghost form of Oricorio.  The pompoms are a fun touch that makes me think of the birds of paradise like the Bronze Parotia.  Fun fact: Oricorio’s Ghost form is inspired by Japan’s traditional dance form that incorporate hand fans, or sensu.

1020250px-334Altaria   Elie Saab’s take on Altaria.  The lady’s floating along in a literal cloud of floofs!!  You know the model was doing everything she could not to squee on the runway.

1020 (2)250px-144Articuno Saint Laurent’s Articuno.  Yes, you’ve already seen another Articuno, shhhhhhhhhhh.  Just admire the blue tassles and silky fabric with me.

Ellery627Rufflet    At first glance, Ellery’s gloves look like they belong in the kitchen sink.  But the shirt and glove combo are giving me birdy vibes (surprise!) – they’d be fantastic for a bird of prey such as Rufflet or Braviary after adding some paint detailing and wicked talons.

So, inspiration is out there on the runway.  If you want to stay away from the really, really weird “fashion”, stick with the large couture houses that are still thriving: Valentino, Coco Chanel, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Versace, Elie Saab, etc.  The shows themselves are a pleasure to watch, and you’ll often spot famous actors in the crowds!

To my fellow makers, I leave you with this gem.  Enjoy!











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