WIP Update: The Judgement of Kitty

Dearest Kittykins,

You’re giving me some mad side eye outside my studio door and I just wanted you to know, it hurts.


Your judgement can only be one of two things (for your heart is too mushy and gentle to hold two grudges against me at once):

either you have noticed the distinct lack of a kitty in my lap – but to this I say “we just cuddled an hour ago!!”


you’ve caught on to my lack of productivity in finishing the mountain of WIPs I have.

You’re not enitrely wrong, dear Starby, but allow me to summarize my accomplishments. I:

  • hand sewed the belt to my Library Super Hero skirt
  • reinforced the zipper to that polka dotted skirt that I haven’t worn as much as I planned on.  Oh, and then I found that the hook to the eye was missing, so I reinstalled both!
  • pinched an inch out of the waist of my striped S8176 skirt
  • hemmed the vent on my Houndstooth Gertie skirt

I also managed to find other handmade items that needed a little sprucing up:

  • I hemmed my first skirt BY HAND and because it was so much fun (I know, I just said a month ago that I hated hand stitching… but people change?), I also blindstitched the zipper down!!  This skirt wasn’t originally on my WIP list but when I put it through the washer, the iron-on hem tape in it fell apart.

Picked Zipper-1


That’s a whole four projects off of my WIP list in two month’s time with three bonus clean ups, so you can just swallow that judgey furball whole.

Besides, it’s not like I haven’t been keeping my hands busy with other projects!  Your fur is all up in this bicycle that I cross stitched for my SIL for Christmas.  She’s just going to love it.  Never mind that she’s allegedly allergic to cats…  you’re more dog than cat, anyway.

Those wheels are trippy AF.

And look at the profesh work on the back!!  I never traveled more than four squares which meant those wheels with the individuals pips of color took foreverrrrr.  I’d estimate at least 20 hours went into this.  I watched a whole lot of Battlestar Galactica while making it!

I finished the edges by trimming them down and affixing them to the inner ring with rubber cement glue.


With my needle craft momentum, I decided I wanted to learn embroidery and make my MIL a cutesie woodland creature.  I  took inspiration from Nami Nishikawa’s adorable doodles of hedgehogs.  Because I’m new to embroidery and had no idea what I’m doing, I decided to draw directly on to the fabric with a non-fading pen.  To make the socks look knit, I used a chain stitch.


This is a 3″ hoop.
I finished this piece more traditionally with the edges gathered using a running stitch. I secured a piece of felt cut to size on with a whipstitch.


With T-2 days to Christmas, I still hadn’t gotten the creative bug out of my system, so I went to my creator space and laser etched gift tags for the presents.

Laser Gift Tags-1


I also made this ornament at my creator space for my work’s ornament competition.  The criterion was to use re-purposed material, so I grabbed some folders out of the recycle bins at work, designed and rasterized a snowflake, and cut out three snowflakes with a laser cutter.  I was a little worried that they’d think I cheated by buying a snowflake, so I cut in my company’s acronym and the year.


Needless to say, I crushed it.  After winning both the Halloween and Christmas competitions, the office is plotting to dethrone me.  I think I’ll just retire.  :p


That was all just to say, really, that I love you, we’ll cuddle soon, and 4 WIPs down, 13 more to go!!

P.S. – Yes, I know you can read, give up the game.  You gave yourself away when you pawed through multiple pages of Gwenpool: Vol. 1.


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