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An Ode to Toothless

Okay, so I haven’t actually written a poem in Toothless’ honor…  What a letdown!  Here’s an adorable gif to make up for my shameless misrepresentation.


how to train your dragon toothless t of the nightfury
Fish?  Fish??


But what I did make is a dress!!




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First Blog Post!

It’s my first blog post, woohoo!  It seems like nowadays you can’t go anywhere on the internet without running across a link for someone’s latest and greatest blog.  Well folks, I have jumped on the bandwagon of on again, off again, but mostly off again “bloggers.”  Lemme break it down: my ulterior motive is to show off my latest and greatest crafts, be it 3D printing, scrapbooking (but without the books and more with cards… scrapcarding?), sewing, crocheting, and if I wake up some morning with a set of impressive cojones, knitting projects!

You might also run across some rants, subpar photos, wirty dords, nerdtastic pop culture, and terrible, dad-level jokes and humor.  And PUNS.  ❤  You’ve been warned.